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What happened in Funpalast?
What happened yesterday in Funpalast? I was around after midnight and I saw there the ER, police and also the fire brigade as well. Was there a fire that fire brigade appeared?
I also saw them, the incident happened around 1am
as I heard there was a problem with one of the girls
yes, the girl had a smaller heart attack
no she didn’t have a heart attack, she just had panic attack

Heute reported that the rescue teams were alarmed because a 28 years old girl had cardiac problems and a defibrillator was needed.

It turned out that the lady did not have real problems just consumed to much alcoshol. She also did not have to be carried to hospital.
OMG bitch
amazing, will she get an invoice to cover the cost of alarming the rescue teams .. or who will pay this action?
I’m sure we, the tax payers will pay the bill
In cases like that usually the person who caused the incident will be responsible for the costs. I can only hope for the girl in question that Funpalast will step up and help her if she doesn't have insurance. She might, though. But most sexworkers I know don't have insurance to cover those costs. Even though insurance is easy to obtain and afford in Austria.

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