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Vienna advice | how can I avoid the smoke in the clubs
I will be in Vienna for the first time soon but will be with my family. Because of this, I need a place that is either non-smoking or at least the hallways are smoke free, so I do not go back smelling like I was in a strip club. I suppose when a girl opens her door in a LaufHaus, I can tell how bad it smells, so that does not concern me. The place I visit, should also have a decent selection.

I like what I have seen of studios, but a laufhaus seems the best since I prefer not to hang around and drink. Just in and out. My research so far says Laufhaus Vienna, Laufhaus Rosi, Contact Center, Max Winter might be my best options. My hotel is really close to Maxim and they say I can make an appointment, but not sure if that still requires walking into the bar. Laufhaus, studio, etc. ???

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Right now the smoking regulations in Vienna are a total mess and your issue is a real one. It seems that they can't decide whether it is going to be prohibited in clubs (restaurants, coffee shops, etc.) or if it will be partly allowed or something in-between. For sex clubs, it is obviously good for them to allow smoking in the club from a business standpoint and most of them allow it. As a matter of fact, I don’t know of any sex clubs sex clubs that don’t allow smoking. As far as studios are concerned, it is hard to say if there will be any smoke inside. The girls usually smoke while they wait for the client, so it’s really a gamble. I am not aware of any non-smoking studios, to be honest.

If you don’t want to go with the Laufhaus scenario, I would suggest making an appointment in Maxim, especially if it’s close to your hotel. If you go to the club at the earliest hour when they open and go straight to the room, there shouldn’t be much or any smoke at that point yet. Maxim is designed in a way that a staircase leads from the entrance down to the club area, but you can simply bypass the club and go straight to the rooms without really entering the club. Try calling the club and talk with the staff, they should be able to figure something out.
Great advice on Maxim.

Laufhaus Vienna is #1 on my list. Do you think the hallways are reasonably clear or are they like a bar?

Also, do you think Laufhaus Vienna is good for a newbie like me? I have done lots of research and am confident in my ability to negotiate details before closing thd door.

I wish the Vienna review site I found was in English, as Google translate is less than perfect.

Any other advice woulx be appreciated.

I myself didn't give enough thought about smoking damn! that's the reason number one why I hate indoor conferences! during the winter periods, my jacket smells like I've been dipped into nicotine and it reaks badly. so there's smoking in studios? this is a major factor to me since I can't simply stand when a room is filled with toxic air, like a gas chamber! Thanks for pointing this out! You guys rule!
I feel you, I’ve had this problem for the longest time now. But I got used to it, too addicted to sex, I guess  Wink

LH Vienna can be risky because sometimes the hallways are clear of smoke, but other times you can clearly smell that someone has been smoking nearby. Making the deal isn’t a big fuss if you’re confident and you know what you want. Just be clear and careful because girls will naturally try to make you pay more. If you feel confident in your ability to seal the deal, I think you will be fine. I’m trying to think of a studio where you can’t smoke, but I really can’t think of one. Studios would be the riskiest option IMHO.
I appreciate all the feedback. In looking it seems like an appointment at Maxim is my best option. But, I read of a new Laufhaus Wien-Mitte. The photos are heavily photo shopped on their website, but it seems very appealing.

My real question is... for someone visiting Vienna (but I am a decent negotiator) would I be able to get a girl at LH Wien-Mitte for NF, Kissing, and 1 hour for under 200 euros?

Similarly, I have seen bad reviews of LH Juchgasse 11 and wonder if it this new LH will be the same or better?
I think it’s too soon to really tell if Laufhaus Zollgasse (Laufhaus Wien Mitte) will be much different from Laufhaus Juchgasse. But why would it? Both places have the same owner, same website, same girls pretty much and same prices.

However, both houses have recently announced summer prices, mostly because summer is generally weaker for Laufhauses in Vienna. So you might actually be able to benefit from this. I think the experience will entirely depend on which girl you choose. So to answer your question: yes, you might be able to get it if the right girl is working and you negotiate well enough.
Final Critic - Along with the review site I found, you have been a wealth of info in preparing for my trip. Thank you.

In your experience, are there any good girls on the LH WM website? They seem so much hotter than the Maxim girls, granted the photos are touched up, it would be great to make it work.

From the it appears some are total scams, such as Ambra Rossi, but it is hard to find reviews on independent girls. The ones here are the best I have found, but there are not many. I may be missing another site.

Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.
In regards to the statement that the halls in Laufhaus Vienna are smoky at times I respectfully disagree! It's not at all risky to go there. So if that is your number 1 pick, no reason to hesitate. Appointment in Maxim will be fine as well, I suppose.
Sorry, I cannot help with girl recommendations from Laufhaus Wien Mitte.

Regarding Laufhaus Vienna, it might seem like the girls are the hottest here, but it’s mostly the presentation (namely touched up photos), which they usually don’t use in Maxim. In reality, there is no difference at all, only that LH Vienna has more girls on average, but their lineup generally isn’t better. Historically, some of the hottest girls in Vienna have worked in both places at some point. Also, not all Maxim girls are shown on the website, probably because of personal privacy reasons. A great example would be Sarah, who is by far the hottest black girl in Vienna right now. If making the decision is starting to become a pain, I suggest going to both places.

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