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Upsells in clubs for OWO and kissing
What are you guys’ thoughts on the recent trend of OWO and kissing upsells in clubs? I have personally experienced this in Goldentime and Funpalast alike and I’ve read other people report about it on local forums too. Is there anything that can be done against this or do we just have to get used to it?
I hate it so much when girls ask extra for kissing. I mean, it should be included in every session, at least to establish a little bit of a romantic connection. For me, the session is ruined if a girl doesn't want to kiss, but I am a romantic even when I visit prostitutes, so it might just be me.
I get it if the girls ask a bit extra for OWO, but kissing?!
Upselling is such a huge turnoff for me. I’m fine with a higher price if it is discussed and agreed upon beforehand, but I can't stand girls who ask extra before or while having sex.
Kissing isn't the worst upsell that I've seen recently. The girls at Residenz are asking extra for licking. I mean, come on, really?!
lol, what does the “lingerie” extra service imply exactly? Do you pay 50 extra to see her in lingerie? Isn’t that a bit overpriced? Or am I the crazy one?
You’re right, the extras in Residenz are very pricy. Even though there are many extras to choose from, I certainly wouldn't pay that much money for something like the lingerie extra.
I've seen so many people complaining about upselling recently. I really hope that this won't become the norm as I couldn't bare that.
It is only natural that prostitutes are trying to make more money, but it is kinda sad that they have to resolve to shady tactics like upselling. This is immensely going to lessen the client's experience and he probably wont come back ever again. This is simply bad business from the girls part.
kissing is the reflection of sacred intimacy nutjobs. girls tend to rock the price because it's easier to slither in your cock between her legs than have an tense eye-contact with soft lip touching.
i'm foooooooling you guuuuys ever heard of sarcASSm
Jokes on the side, it is mindblowing that girls charge extra for it.

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