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Thief in Funpalast filmed on camera
Have you guys read about the thief that was filmed stealing in FP over the New Year's Eve party? The guy went into the VIP section and stole some money and a pair of Sennheiser headphones. There was also a backpack in the VIP with a laptop worth 3000 eu, but he left that behind. Since the whole place is full of cameras, the guy can clearly be seen stealing on the surveillance footage. Unfortunately its not uploaded online, so we can't see it. The operator of Funpalast offered the guy a chance to bring everything back in a week before he presses charges. Not really sure what the guy was thinking. Anybody who goes to Funpalast knows that there are cameras all around the FKK.

Full article on Heute:
How desperate do you have to be to steal on a NYE party, and especially in a SAUNACLUB full of cameras! This guy deserves to be exposed for his stupidity... I bet he is also now banned from FP altogether. Good Job thief!
If the guy was seen on the video, why didn't anyone do something? There are no guards, just cameras?
Apparently, the guy responsible for checking the surveillance footage was on field, filming the Gustav Klimt Memorial when the thief went into the VIP room. The video was later checked when the theft was reported, I guess.
Pretty kind of him that he didn't press charges right away

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