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The Prostitution Scene in Frankfurt
Hey there! I'm wisiting my sister this weekend in Frankfurt and I'm a huge fan of brothels. I wouldn't want to visit any kind of shithole though or boring generic brothels. Anyone know of one that provides quality close to Maxim's? Thanks
The last time I was in Frankfurt, I went with a girl who I found on It seemed like a good place to find an escort girl and overall my experience was good.
Even if you're looking for a VIP service, you should definitely check out Frankfurt's famous red light district, the Bahnhofsviertel. It's the the block directly opposite main railway station Hauptbahnhof. It will serve as a great tourist attraction at worst. But I doubt you could resist all the girls without banging one.
If you're scouting around for prostitutes anywhere in the city, be sure to ask the three main questions: * How many times will you be able to cum? * What's the maximum time? * Can you switch positions as you like or do other positions cost extra? These questions make it easier to find more pleasant and enthusiastic prostitutes that don't just scam you and leave you with a bad lay.
If you're staying in a hotel, than an escort girl will do just fine. I'm a local and I frequently use Lady Luck Escort ( +49 157 87 47 27 12 ) The girls there really do a stellar job and arrive on time every time.
I've visited a massage parlor when I was in Frankfurt once. It was Premium Massagen and boy did I get the happy ending I was looking for. It's located at Große Friedberger Straße 10, 60313 Frankfurt am Main.
Isn't Bahnhofsviertel filled with street prostititutes?
I'm going there during the summer as well. Can anyone tell me what the average prices are for a romp? Do they differ much from Vienna's?
If you want to have the best possible mongering experience, try to find a private party. There are many in Frankfurt, you just have to look in the right places or have the right connections to find them. Unfortunately, I also got help from a friend, so I can't assist further. It's worth looking for a party like this, it was amazing when I went.
Anjama is a pretty awesome massage saloon in the city-centre (Zeil 22, 60313 Frankfurt am Main). You can get a four-hand massage as well and it will be quite an unique experience. You can have massages for up to 2 hours which will cost about €150 to €300.

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