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Taxi driver abuses women
I've just found this article about a taxi driver in Vienna. According to what is written in the text, the guy was sentenced to 8 years of prison. I think he actually deserves more for what he has done to the girls. people like this disgust me..
OMG< old fking geezer prying on innocent girls. reading stuff like this makes me so furious. agreed, i would have given him a bigger sentence
Is this something that happens in Vienna often? I wouldn't want to get into any trouble when I go to Wien.
Personally, this is the first time I've heard about something like this happening. So no, this isn't something that happens very often. I think he completely deserved what he got. Sexually abusing women who can't defend themselves is like one of the worst things you can do in my book.
I agree with Addict, this isn't something that happens, don't worry. I really hope that other creeps learn from this guy's case and they don't try something like this.
I think this is something that the taxi driver always had in the back of his head. He would have done it over and over again. There were probably other occasions with girls that were afraid to talk after something weird happened. The longer time he spends in jail, the better. There is no other way around it
I agree, people like this should be put in a dark cell and forgot about. Girls who have been molested or assaulted have to come out and ask for help. I know it's hard for the girls, but if they don't do anything, guys like this taxi driver will claim more victims.
Unfortunately, this is not the only case I heard about. Numerous reports come from the country of my origins. It probably exists everywhere, but this got prominent media attention to its severity. 8 years is a short sentence for a frightening poultry task done to the girls. Primitive. Now I feel depressed, empathy for the abused girls... Always, and I mean always have someone backing you up everywhere you go ladies! The atrocious world feasts on fragile souls!
internet is flooded with advice on how to avoid being a victim of everyday things and surroundings. I strongly suggest any woman reading my comment to go take a look on some informative content regarding this situation. Lecturing our ways out of troubles is the only savior!!

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