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Tattooed Romanian brunette in GT
One of my buddies mentioned he had a great time with a tattooed Romanian brunette girl in Golden Time. He told me shes really hot with those tattoos on her arm and leg and that I should go and find her if I want good service. He couldnt recall her name though. If anyone knows her name or has any additional thoughts about the girl, feel free to leave a comment
I was introduced to her by an Iranian girl called Sebi (or Sabi?) and her name is Evelyn. I think we are talking about the same girl, she is probably the only one with those characteristics. Indeed nice tattoos and a very nice face, I didn't hesitate so after a quick talk we went to the room.

She is a pleaser in bed, really talented girl. Both the sex and the blowjob were better than I expected. We talked a lot before and during session and she was flirty and friendly. It was funny because she complimented the size of my cock, comparing it to her forearm size. This was both hot and playful of her. Pretty good night at GT, I was lucky with the girl
A few months ago was the last time when I was in Goldentime and met this Romanian beauty. I highly recommend her if you like slim brunettes. Tattoos dont really turn me on but she has great personality so it didnt matter. Outstanding service and she is a really talkative girl, not shy at all
Yes, I think you are talking about Evelyn too. She's a good looking girl with a pretty likable personality. The room service was also very nice. Her tattoos are a good fit for her, even thought I'm not the biggest fan of tattoos on working girls.

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