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Sydney from Fun Girls review
I’ve yet again found a review that was left on the local Erotikforum. This time, it is about an escort booking via the Fun Girls escort agency. Since the review is in German, I will post my interpretation of the review in English here. Naturally, the German version reads better, but I’ll try to make the info in this review available for our English members too. So, here’s my version of the review about Sydney from Fun Girls.
Quote:The guy starts the review by saying that this was his biggest booking fail so far. The girl arrived, knocked on the door, introduced herself as Sydney, went into the room and immediately started concentrating on her phone. The first thought on the guy’s mind: “Who is this?!” This was mostly because the pictures on the site didn’t really look like the person who arrived. Maybe 10-20% - her hair color was the same, but that’s about it. According to the guy, he is not the type of person who complains if something is wrong, like the wrong girl arriving. She wasn’t really his type, but he thought that 1 hour sex is better than no sex at all.

Once “Sydney” was done fiddling around on her phone (which would have been okay if she said she needs to quickly type something) she asks the guy what extra wishes he has. Originally, she asked 140 for a session of normal sex, but without a blowjob. Since she asked, the guy said that he would like a massage before the session. Syndey refuses and says that it’s not something that she does. The guy is a bit surprised, but he accepts this too.

They undress themselves, get on the bed and Sydney starts rubbing the guy’s crotch and tells him: “If you don’t take an extra like kissing or blowjob, it will not be anything special” Just what we like to hear. These services would cost him 50 euros extra each. At this point, the guy was just hoping to get over with the conversation and get to the action, so he chose the blowjob without condom for 50. Her blowjob was good, but only for about 2-3 minutes. Then she put the condom on him and jumped on top of him. After only two minutes, she asks if the guy likes doggy style. They change, but after another two minutes, she asks if they can change again.

This went on for a while, until the guy asked if they can go back to doggy as it’s his favorite. This is when Sydney told him “You know that I won’t bang for the full hour, right?” And this was barely 10 minutes into the session. He also writes that he noticed that Sydney became wilder and faster to make him finish faster, so he went along with it to get it over with.

As soon as the guy was done, Sydney grabs her bag and goes to the shower. After like 5 minutes she comes back, dresses immediately, some small talk, bye-bye and off she went. So this was 190 euros for 25 minutes, including the dressing, undressing and the shower. Apparently, she told him that she will be returning to Budapest in two weeks’ time. On her right thigh she has a tattoo of a cat with blue eyes and generally way too many tattoos. Her body is kind of slim, but not fit. Last sentence in the review: “0% repetition value
After the report was posted, there was some backlash on the forum with additional posts appearing in the thread. The guy posted a follow-up post where he blames the agency for this. He wanted Sydney, who had gorgeous photos online, lots of photoshop. Instead, he got a girl who by far is not as pretty and sexy – basically a girl that you can find on every corner. Also, he mentions that when you are booking for an hour, one should get a full hour and every girl should know that this means at least action for 40 minutes or so. And not start complaining after 6-8 minutes.

The agency apologized for this, but they stick to their claim that it was actually really Sydney who went to the booking. They also posted some private pictures to confirm this. They also agreed that behavior like this shouldn’t happen. The guy said that there was a lot of pre-meditation before the actual date because he wanted it to be a really good escort booking.

To sum it all up, this is basically the frustration that comes with booking a girl with photoshopped pictures from an agency that is a bit on the cheap side. Fun Girls isn’t the cheapest, but they are also not in the exclusive price area. What do you guys think about this review and everything that happened? Have you had similar experiences? If so, which agency and girl?
Wouldn't be in the shoes of the guy who originally had this experience. There's really nothing worse than hearing that if you do not pay for extra services, the whole session won't be anything special. Paying 190 euros for 25 minutes is crazy, especially when those 25 minutes were bad. I'll keep in mind to avoid Sydney, thanks for the warning!
The guy made it wrong with this: he thought that 1 hour sex is better than no sex at all.

Finally het got a bad experience for 200 euros...
(05-17-2019, 08:57 AM)PunterKing Wrote: The guy made it wrong with this: he thought that 1 hour sex is better than no sex at all.

Finally het got a bad experience for 200 euros...

what's wrong about it is that he didn't send the lady away immediately when he saw that she doesn't look as good in RL as she did on the photos. Once she got her foot in the door things have their way of working out and often not in the greatest way.
The wrong desicion cost him 200 euros.

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