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Studio Relaxe Lounge
does any1 know about Studio Relaxe Lounge at Loeschenkohlgasse 22? on the site one hour is 100 eu and multiple finish is allowed. is Studio Relaxe Lounge worth visiting? thx
Relaxe Lounge is a cheaper studio in one of the side streets that offers sex without condom. Since its a cheaper place where AO is offered, there is always the risk of having a bad experience. It should be a calculated risk when going to such places. Since the studio chose the AO route, they mostly attract a different type of girls. Not all of the girls, but most of them lack the understanding of the principles of hygiene and manners. And most of them are not really service oriented girls.
I can recommend two girls from Studio Relaxe: Julia and Antonia

There were 8 girls to choose from that day, pretty nice lineup. I picked Julia
because she is exactly my type of girl with her slim figure. We agreed in 70 EUR for a
half hour and went to the room.

The pictures online didnt lie, she looks great! However the service was just average. BBBJ was ok,
and then the BBFS with a bit too much lube was also ok. She is a petite girl and really tight so
the lube is understandable. Good looking girl but the session wasnt so great overall

Then I picked Antonia from the rest of the girls sitting there in lingerie. She was one of the
better looking girls with hot body and nice smile. I already saw her on the website and she looks almost
the same, maybe slightly older than on the pictures.

Also costs 70 EUR for half hour. I asked for extra Naturservice which is 20 EUR, so laid down the
90 EUR total and we went to the room. Had to wait a bit until I got a towel since they forgot to bring
one beforehand, then took a shower.

We were chatting a bit while I was in. She has kind of an upbeat personality and speaks good english.
There were some light kisses, but no DFK. Antonia has amazing skin which compensated me as she didnt
mind me running my hands over her body. She is really good at giving BBBJ using her tongue as well.

I enjoyed talking with her after the session as we relaxed. Then we showered together and she said goodbye
followed by a hug and kiss. This is an average day in Studio Relaxe, a decent place in my opinion
I tend to steer clear of clubs that openly offer sex without condom. These places are usually not the best when it comes to service, cleanliness or safety. I guess there are ppl who enjoy these places, but not me. I want to feel comfortable and safe when I pay for sex.

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