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Street prostitution in Vienna
Does anyone know where and at what time I can find street prostitutes in Vienna? I am not familiar with the rules/regulations there. All I could figure out based on some research on the Web that it is still somewhat legal. Is that the case?
Despite the police's efforts, street prostitution is still a legal thing in Vienna but they put them as far from out as they could. They start their "shifts" at different times of the day and to make it all more confusing the "standing times" are as follows:

November - February: 19:00 - 06:00
March, April and October: 20:00 - 06:00
May - September: 22:00 - 06:00

The only street where streetwalkers are legally found and that I am aware of is Brunner Straße in Liesing. This is a long street so you gotta go where the industrial area is.

"Why?" you ask? Don't ask!

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