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Silicone vs Natural breasts
Yeah. To think that some women would destroy t hemselves just to please men.
A rounded question indeed. It's generally a matter of taste, but I prefer natural titties over enchanted ones, all day. I'd rather pick a girl with small A-cups naturals than a busty MILF with mesmerizing-sized tits. Double D's don't fit everybody, especially smaller women were it's obvious that they did a boob job. Case dismissed!
I'm fine with silicone or natural, as long as the tits look good. The one thing I can't stand are those women who go overboard with their plastic surgery and install a pair of balloons on their chest. I never go with girls who have enormous fake tits, its a huge turnoff.
It's undisputed that a girl looks best at her natural form.
Although, if proper care is applied in surgery, if the babe knows of a good surgeon, she could definitely boost her beauty (not by much, but by large) so that the ever-new tits she'll be having, fit her body built.
Ever been disgusted when a girl you're looking at is non-proportional? Like drenching your eyeballs in acid for God's sake woman
Silicone tits are okay as long as the woman is not too old, those look better on young girls. As long as its not too saggy because I like it nice and round, it is weird when you can see the silicone separate from the natural part. I like big and small natural tits as well if it fits the girl
Silicone or not silicone, it doesnt matter but it is good if the tits are at least symmetrical and not too inflated. Oh yea, and I hate it when a girl is full plastic. Especially ass implants, those look awful
Been with a few naturals, and I enjoyed every bit of the moment while squeezing their soft tits! Weren't big though, but they were just fine and suitable for a squish! Assuming that silicone women enlarge their breasts to enormous sizes, it's possible that I'd bask in bigger bombs more since that's kind of a littleness of mine. Don't take my word for it, I'm inexperienced, leaving naturals with a one plus point from me! For now.
the porn industry generally has !hotter babes with silicons. I'm fascinated by the fact that some of the girls are able to keep their natural sizes, since the rigged, manipulative and imperialistic filth you call porn today allows women only that fit in their physique criteria!
naturals bring far better joy than artificially filled tits. for both the woman and man
Aggreed! Soft and round naturals, preferably big. I also heard that girls with silicone dont feel their nipples anymore after the operation. They basically get rid of an erogenous zone by enhancing their tits. I dont know if it's true

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