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Silicone vs Natural breasts
I know this is an age-old question, but I'm interested to see what you guys think. Which one do you prefer; girls with natural breasts or girls who have silicone implants?
More often than not, I prefer girls with nice natural breasts, but I would pick a silicone girl over one with saggy tits any time of the day. What are you guys' preference?
Natural tits 4 life!
When it comes to prostitutes, I prefer choosing girls with silicone implants. It is hard to find girls with firm, natural breasts, especially if you go to some of the low-end places in Vienna. If you go to Babylon, Maxim or Goldentime, you might encounter a couple of hot girls with nice natural tits.
i am a strong believer in natural tits, so natural > silicone every time
Artificial upgrades are a part of the sex industry and they offer the girls a lot more opportunities. Most men prefer big breasts and some girls are even willing to put silicone in their asses, let alone their tits.

I saw a VICE documentary on this once. Some of them get really fucked up because of their implants as they spill and fall apart inside them. So I’m a pro natural tits and natural everything when it comes down to it.
Nothing can match up to the softness and the touch of natural breasts. Sure, silicone ones look sharp and round, but they feel like you're holding sex toy.
Yeah, I saw that documentary too. Its "Buttloads of Pain: Ass Injections Gone Wrong".
really fucked up man. couldnt watch it till the end.
I like seeing a well-made boob job on a girl. It’s not as aesthetically pleasing to the eye when you can see scars, but a nicely done boob job is a lot sexier than natural breasts for me. IDK why, personal preference I guess.

The video is pretty hardcore, you’re right, its kinda hard to watch.
I like tits in general. But please think about the ladies that weren't born with big breasts. What are they to do in this line of work? Ofcourse they upgrade to a set of plastic titties!
I don't think there's a question about it. The genuine creation of nature is the real deal.

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