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Sex With Prostitutes l With Condom VS Without Condom
Hi guys. I know that you should always use a condom when you're having sex with a prostitute, but I really want to bang one without a condom. My question was turned down in brothels I've visited in Vienna. So, is it even possible to get this kind of a service?
hey mate. Well yeah, it's a hard service to get and it's pretty risky. you don't want to catch a nasty std or anything. Roadside prostitutes are the ones who are willing to go for it in my experience. But you don't want to stick it in those pussies.
I agree with the first commenter, going bareback can lead to problems, especially with prostitutes. Of course, if you go for a good place where the girls are working legally, you should be fine. All legally working girls in Vienna are required to go through health evaluation multiple times a year, but still. I prefer not going without a condom, as it can lead to a lot of problems and I could easily lose more than I would gain from the bareback experience. Just my two cents.
Just think about it man.
" No condom -risk goes up
Multiple partners - risk goes up
She doesn’t know you (Trust me clients always say they’re clean) but you want her to risk her health as well as yours.
Regarding the ‘get tested’ idea, some STIs take longer than others to show. Porn gets tested regularly, and so do we. You doing one test isn’t enough. "

I pasted this from Quora.
Um, you might want to check this out before you jump into something like that buddy:
Yeah. It's awfully risky. A lot of circumstances have to be in order if you want to try it with a prostitute, without a condom. I even considered to have it with my girlfriend who I was together with for 2 months. You can never know. So only do it with a prostitute whom you were having sex with for the last 6 months. Trust is the most improtant factor.
I had sex with a prostitute and didn't use a condom once. Although I have been visiting her for three months and she was a certified prostitute, it wasn't the smartest thing I could have done. Well, that's drinking for you. Anyway, it isn't something you should risk just for pleasure.
I love the feel of having sex without rubber on, just like everyone else, but I never go bareback with a prostitute. I mean, you really don't know who she was with and I never want to risk it. I guess I prefer being safe with a prostitute to the sensation of bareback sex.
Get a girlfriend instead man. Banging prostitutes without a rubber isn't wise for either of you. its like rubbing your dick all over a public space. you cant know what you might catch.
A light question with an even easier answer. Encapsulated, it goes like this:

Fuck girls without a condom - acquire STD's (99%)
Fuck girls with a condom on (even greater feel for sex since the sense of protection makes you comfortable) - remain healthy (100%)
What's there to think about further? Just my two pennies worth, butthurt condom-less people cease your actionized attack on me, thanks.

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