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Sex Services in Spain
Hi guys! Has anyone ever visited a brothel in Spain? Is it really a good place for paid sex? I want to visit the country during the summer and I've also heard that there are a lot of roadside prostitutes there as well. But I'm concerned with quality. I don't mind paying a bit more. So, where should I go? Thanks in advance.
Spain is an awesome place to have paid sex. Plenty of people from Europe are visiting islands like Magaluf, and big cities like Malaga. If you’re looking to visit as well, make sure you go to ‘legit’ establishments. There are some alleys and streets you wouldn’t want to visit.
In Spain, you can find brothels, escorts and streetwalkers too, depending on what you're looking for. If you ask me, I think it's best if you call an escort to your hotel room.
Okay. So does anyone have any tips to how I can find a brothel most easily?
Just be prepared to see that prostitutes in Spain aren't exactly Spanish. About 90% of the prostitutes there claim to be illegal immigrants. Most of them are from the Balkans. It's incredibly hard to come across actual Spanish ladies and get their services for a reasonable amount of money.
Just sit in a cab and tell the driver ”El burdel más cercano por favor” Which means “to the nearest brothel please”. Or just sit in the cab and say “burdel”, which means brothel. They’ll know where to take you ?
I've had sex with numerous roadside prostitutes when I vas visiting Malaga. There was no problem, the sex was pretty good. I even tipped the girl. Though I wouldn't venture too far out of town. Prostitutes aren't hard to find. The sex industry is flowering there, regardless of whether it's legal or illegal.
yeah. It's a prime destination for pouters from all around Europe. Prices are a lot lower than they are in Vienna and the cities are beautiful. Its definitely worth a visit if you're looking to have a great vacation. I enjoyed mine 2 years ago.
Thanks for the replies everyone. Though I posted this 2 months ago :'D Anyway, this documentary helped put things in perspective, to what I should expect:
Are there any noteworthy escort services I should check out? I don't mind spending a little extra.

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