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Sex Services in Bangkok - Thailand
Hi guys! A lot of my friends are talking about Bankok and Thailand in a very high regard. They said they had some really awesome adventures there. I'm thinking about visiting the place as well, but I'm really concerned about whether it's completely safe and about ladyboys too. What kind of services can I expect and should I be worried about shady ladyboys?
Awesome adventures? Nah, buddy, you definitely have come to the wrong place with that Asian propaganda, so you see this is SEX-VIENNA! I've been following these guys' and their forums for maybe the past month and I found lots of valuable information not only about the clubs but prostitution, illegal sex, trans people and other sodomizing maltreatments from and towards humans.

Stay safe from the far east, they could be dangerous! As a substitute, do as I did, follow these forums on Vienna's clubs, German sex clubs and other, and you're good to go. It helped me at the least.
Remember kids: Traps are gay. An educated guess, but I think that over half of those shady prostitutes are ladyboys. Not to ruin your dreams and hopes, but you're better off with a warning here than there, when they embrace you to their unnatural chests, sickening the tender gender we all know and love! I suggest you go to Vienna to cool your pickle there, elsewhere is too risky
What are you two guys talking about? Let the guy have his little fun there, a week or less won't hurt anybody. with proper premeditated caution and employed carefulness, he'd be an intangible presence! Go for it, whom ever went to Thailand of my relatives he came back along with interesting stories!
I'm not feeling like reposting but guys I seek help from you since you're mister(s) worldwide and all. I want to know the EXACT costs and fees for visiting Thailand. So, that means average rent prices (for strangers), water, electricity, phone perhaps, all of those things, you know, that are necessary for survival there! I won't take your word for it, as much as a picture is worth a thousand words :-)

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