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Sex Dolls in Vienna
I've read an article about sex dolls in a Sex Vienna article before. Today I browsed the Laufhaus Rachel website, checked the girls and found an advert there. It was about sex dolls in Wien:

The dolls can be bought for 1000-2000 euros per each, can be used in the laufhaus or booked for escort. I would be very thankful if you share your experiences in the topic.
I have never tried the sex dolls and will never try them. During a sexual intercourse I should feel the touch of a human body, skin and the body should be warm. I have to admit that the dolls look very good and realistic but still, they should be made by plastic or silicone and it is not a natural thing. I believe that there is significantly less problem with dolls than with real girls but this is not my cup of tea.
Personally, I haven't tried a sex doll either, but I have read about them when they started to surface in Vienna. There are a lot of people who treat these dolls like real people. They feel emotions towards them and they can have sex with them like they would with another person. I've even heard of a guy who bought a 5,000 euro sex doll and now she's his wife. He lives with the doll like she's a real person and they have dinner together, he talks to her, he has sex with her, etc. So it's not surprising that there are a bunch of people who would have sex with these dolls. 

Of course, I don't think I would enjoy being with one, since like PunterKing mentioned, I need to feel the human body and also I want to see their reaction to what I'm doing. That's why I could never fully enjoy a girl who just lays there doing nothing.
Please tell me how these silicone beuties can be cleaned? There are holes on them, are you 100% sure that the dolls are perfectly cleaned?
There was an Outer Limits episode where a man lived in a cryo tank and an AI simulated him a whole world. There he had sex with the AI woman using a virtual chamber where he felt everything as real. This will be soon the reality if we count the better and better dolls and revolution of VR devices.

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