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Scam warning: Alina steals your money instead of sex
This is a funny story I've just read in Erotikforum. It is about a girl, her name is Alina and she is from Austria. She's about 19-20 years old. There were ads about her in most visited Vienna forums and catalogs few weeks ago and she also worked in several places but never for a longer period of time. Her last known working space was a massage institute in Wienzeile 207.

Lately her profile was removed from that massage institute's website and also the ads disappeared on portals. It seems she had contact details of guys who previously called or texted her and she was able to organise meetings in private addresses.

The guy who sent the report visited her and waited in front of the house. Alina brought him through many doors and at the end she said, that they'd have to wait because the room is not available. She was using the phone and texting continously, she was quite nervous. After some time she asked the guy to give her the money to reserve the room and left through the one-way door. Of course, the punter was not able to follow her because that damn door. Smile He waited few minutes and then realised that he was scammed and had no way to follow Alina or know where she went. Her phone was silent and the short text messages were also not answered.

This is a real warning to all of us, however the guy told this story with some humour in the forum. He lost his money but also admitted that it was also his own fault.

I can just tell you my opinion without judging the guy. Vienna is a big city and there are endless possibilities to buy sexual services in a safe manner in regulated places. There are many reliable sex workers too, but when you meet someone on the street and follow her through a labyrinth of doors, you should never give her your money. Or you will be 100% scammed.
This story shows well why we should not rely on individual escort girls, or at least those ones who don't have good reviews. The sex clubs are well regulad and safe. Anyways, this was a funny and thought-provoking story.
"Fame is like caviar, you know — it's good to have caviar but not when you have it at every meal."

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