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Saunaclub Funpalast official thread
Funpalast is one of the cheapest FKKs you will find in Vienna. In the last couple of years, Funpalast has turned into a budget club, which was more or less a smart choice from the management. The girl lineup is not visible on the club’s website, but the ladies you’ll find in Funpalast are average or above average. The services they offer are not the best either, but at least you won’t get scammed in FP.

The problem most people have with Funpalast is that it is indeed a budget club now and that the clientele has changed a lot in recent years. When compared to Goldentime, Funpalast prices are lower, but the service level, the girl lineup, as well as the club itself is far inferior.

Feel free to discuss anything new, interesting or noteworthy related to Funpalast here.
There are seemingly no Austrian locals in FP anymore. The club is full of Turkish clients who are getting drunk and having fun among themselves. You are either going to love Funpalast or completely hate it.
Generally, Funpalast now charges 75 euros for entry, but this includes one session with one of the girls. You just have to give the ticket you get when you enter and "pay" the girl this way. The ticket expires the next day, so be sure to use it.

Reports are also piling up about people not using the tickets and gifting them to the girls, rather than using it for sex. The girls can apparently exchange the tickets for money.

Funpalast is recruiting new girls massively, but unfortunately many new girls don't stay for long.
Yes, they are recruiting massively, but I've heard rumors that new girls in Funpalast work without papers and thus they circumvent the police and the health inspection waiting time of a week. So now FP has all the new girls, but this can be costly too, because when the girls do get their papers, they are off to work somewhere else like Goldentime, Maxim or Babylon. Seems like for many girls, Funpalast is the entry into Vienna made easy. Same goes for Fresh, but they are less successful and basically not relevant at all at this point.
There seemed to be many new girls in Funpalast on my last visit, but most of these girls are only there for tryouts. This is the best time if you want some real GFE in FP and no bullshit from the girls.
I was in Funpalast yesterday and it looks like they have upped the entry fee once again. Now it's 80 euros, with the first half hour session still included in the entry. Some people in the local forum think that the entry might go up to 100 or even more very soon, if they follow this trend.
I'm not sure FP can start charging full price (like the other FKKs) after they already attracted a certain clientele with the current entry fee. I guess it's a good strategy to slowly bring the price up, but I don't know how high they can go.
I wouldn't have any problems with the 100 eu entry fee, as long as it can be used for a half hour session. For me personally, it is still worth it to go to Funpalast every now and then and look around for that price, especially since I'm guaranteed a session.
Visited Funpalast not too long ago. The entry fee is 80 euro right now, but you get a voucher or coupon with it that you can use for a session with a girl. The coupon is worth 60 euros for half an hour, so basically you pay 20 eu for the entry. The food is now supplied by a third party restaurant and it is not included in the price. They also ask 5 eu for two extra towels in FP.
Food, drinks and towels should be included in the entry price in my opinion. Food and drinks are not such big upsell but they basically want to squeeze more money out of clients by making them pay for towels which are essential for hygiene. It is kind of ridiculous that an FKK wants you to pay for hygiene basics, they open the door to various hygiene problems that can stack up client after client

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