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Sarah - Nigerian girl in Maxim
Maxim Black Beauty Sarah
I’m really into black girls and I recently saw that there’s a Nigerian girl named Sarah in Maxim. So far, there are no photos of her on the site and I haven’t found any reviews either. Has anyone been with her? Can someone please describe her attitude and looks too? Also, is she a new girl in Maxim or why doesn't she have any photos online?
Sarah has been working in Maxim for a while now, and if I remember correctly, she used to have photos online too. Not sure why they are not visible any longer, must be a privacy thing.
It's actually pretty easy to describe how Sarah looks. She very much resembles a younger version of Tatyana Ali (the girl from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air).
[Image: G3xjhwqLLM85LUS-VNhTR0z_Z5s]
(07-26-2018, 11:37 AM)XXX Addict Wrote: She very much resembles a younger version of Tatyana Ali (the girl from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air).
I never actually thought about who she looks like, but you are right. She does look like the girl from that TV show Big Grin

Other than Sarah's looks, she is a pretty lovely all in all. Quite friendly TBH. Regarding her service, it is more on the soft side. I think OWO is also possible, but you would have to talk with her about this.
I was with Sarah in Maxim the other day. I was a bit worried as she doesn't have photos online, but she looks very good, nice body and a gorgeous face. She really resembles the girl from the picture above. The session was also good, it was a good GFE if you ask me.
I have read reports about Sarah here and there but not too many of them. One thing that each and every single person confirmed is that she is especially pretty and likeable and humorous and eloquent in English. But some have reported that she is not doing OWO. I can confirm that now she does and it isn't a problem. But it makes sense to announce that you wish it to happen before going to the room because, and here comes the surprise, apparently a good amount of clients in Maxim actually prefer covered blowjob as they are afraid of health risks. While that seems to be somewhat uninformed to the seasoned regular monger, it is a sensible thing. That said, Maxim girls are often encouraged by guys to do covered blowjobs. As weird as that sounds to us.

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