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Review of Valentina from Maxim
Recently stumbled upon a German review of a new Maxim girl on a local forum. The guy writes about Valentina who used to work at Babylon before moving over to Maxim. The original post is in German, so I will translate it for our English readers, like I usually do. Here’s my interpretation/translation of the review about Valentina:

“I was in Maxim for the first time since it opened again. I was with Valentina, a 30 year old Hungarian girl with a bombastic body in the Jacuzzi room. She pulled off an extremely cool show in the room. Visually and by the service, she’s one of the best sessions I ever had. Sex in all positions, even on a towel on the floor. She’s quite tight, although not extremely slim. She also had great tits. Valentina cries too loud when you ram her right. A real grenade, mad body, extremely dirty girl in the sack. And that’s how it should be.”

This isn’t a very long review, but it shows that Valentina is worthy of being called a Maxim girl. I personally haven’t met her yet, but I might just arrange a meeting after reading this review. What do you guys think? Have you had previous experiences with Valentina in Maxim or Babylon?
I have never heard about her but this review sounds very good and it is worth to try her!
(05-01-2019, 11:11 AM)PunterKing Wrote: I have never heard about her but this review sounds very good and it is worth to try her!

Most people haven't heard about her yet. She is new in Maxim. I'd say less than a week even. 

And her profile also seems to be brand new:
Love a girl who likes to get down and dirty. Her pics on the Maxim site are sexy and the fact that she worked in Babylon is a huge plus. Hope to see other reviews of Valentina till my next visit to Vienna.

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