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Prostitution in Budapest
Prostitution is legal but operating brothels is not. It is also illegal to rent an apartment to a prostitute too. They still do both I believe. You just have to do a bit of digging and you'll definitely find a brothel. Or just ask some of the locals and they'll tell you.
Yes prostitution itself isn't a crime, but providing support for it is, just like in a lot of other european cities. You also won't find any brothels if you're looking for red light districts only. Brothels and the sex industry in general don't have a marketing pressence in the country. The only two places I've been to were Belami (address: Budapest, XIV Csömöri út 94) and Club Király (address: Kiraly utca 70, Budapest)
Anyone know where I could find street prostitutes? Where are the hottiest ladies hiding?
There are quite a few good locations that you should check out. You'll notice a prostitute when you see one, believe me. Go to either TThököly Street, NépligetPark Blaha Lujza square or Üllő Út (the road to the airport).
Hello! I've heard that my colleges had a blast in Budapest last weekend. They say they visited plenty of brothels, but prostitution is illegal in Hungary from what I know. Is it really that easy to find prostitutes and brothels in the city of budapest then?
You're a bit misinformed there, friend. Prostitution has been legal in Hungary since 1999. But I do not blame you for not knowing, I haven't been there myself yet either.
ooh! legal (unsupportive) prostitution is in a big city relatively near me?! I always thought that the Western European countries alone have policies on it, but Hungary! That's captivating! I'm from Croatia and definitely putting Budapest as my next travel location will be out of question :-D
legalizing prostitution as an exchange act, while leaving potential brothels locked from business is highly hypocritical and cowardly from the Hungarian legislation! they couldn't do anything about a sole girl willing for sex exchange so all they can do was to ban that from developing into a bigger picture! shame what this world has become, I lost faith in hungary's jurisdiction organs!!
When I want to find hot girls in Budapest I always start with There are hundreds of girls available on the site and it seems reliable so far. Also hang out with the locals in night clubs if you have a chance, you can easily run into someone that knows about the hidden brothels in Budapest
would some of the English-Hungarian users explain how can exchange words with a hungarian chick because they really have difficult language barrier. then, not know where I am in the first place, the street names are obscure.

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