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Prostitutes that Provide Anal Sex in Vienna
Hi everyone. I've noticed a distinct lack of prostitutes that are willing to have anal sex when I looked through Kontakthof's site. Do you know where could I find girls who aren't shy to have some backdoor sex? Thanks in advance!
You can arrange to have anal sex with many prostitutes, or at least I've managed to. You just have to offer a higher price for it. You can't expect a girl to put her ass on the line for you for 50 euros Wink
Anal is considered an extra that some girls offer for a set amount of price which is decided by the girl or the management where she works. It's really not hard to find a girl who is willing to do anal for some extra money.
Paying double the price usually works, no girl can resist it. It worked for me too, even though they said no for anal sex when I asked at the entrance.
You can find girls like that pretty easily. Check out Massage Republic's website. tThey offer some of the hottest girls who provide anal sex without blinking an eye. Though a session starts at 150 euros. You'll still get to stuff some sweet bootyhole.
Oh yeah. I almost forgot to post the link.
Wow, thanks for all the replies guys! I honestly didn't think it was possible to convince a prostitute to have anal with me.
will this dude pm me or something, I need to ask him about his brief post. he just marched in with a nice link and faded out fluidly. This girl Alexis seems suitable for me, as I'm creating a list of what I'll try on next regarding my sex clubs experiences. Anal sex is a must and I didn't apply it to no prostitute. Alexis has the tense look/stare, one that simply says that she's ready to take in the butt. Now, if the person I address would be so kind and get back to this thread, I'd be very thankful for his efforts.
You're lucky you hadn't passed sanctioned by the patronizing laufhauses! Anal sex is, in some statements, prohibited. As policy in the sex clubs code of conduct. Avoid asking me how I got to know that, I had a bit unusual experience with the last prostitute I gone to in Amsterdam. Usually the laws apply to other prostitution-privileged cities elsewhere, so keep in mind that what you're doing can easily be taken down and used against you (humorously, the prostitute won't ask for anal from you, relief your worries :') ). Just a friendly advice. Then again, I'm talking about certified sex clubs. Guys that replied to you are probably more initiated then I am regarding Vienna alone.
guy before me talking about penalization has no idea how differently Vienna conducts sex work and prostitutional services. Anal sex is just like any other service you request from a prostitute, and with the given cash, you'll get ass in return. not that complicated how you shakenly said it fella Smile

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