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Prostitute nationalities
The great thing about the Viennese pay sex scene is that there are many different nationality prostitutes working here. In order to reap the benefits of this, you need to know which nationality is known for what.

For example, generally speaking, Hungarian girls are usually active in the room, they don't just lay there and wait for it all to be over. On the other hand, they are very short tempered and they can snap at you at any moment. Knowing these things can help in finding the right type of girl, or it can save you from a atrocious experience. If you want to learn more, read this article on the topic:
Thanks for the post, I'm not a regular in the Vienna sex scene, so this actually helps a lot in determining which nationality girl is right for me. I think I'll try to look for a Bulgarian girl on my next visit.
By far the most common prostitute nationality in Wien are Romanian girls. There are really a lot of Romanian sexworkers, some offering better service than others. The fact still remains that most of these girls are willing to do seemingly anything for money, so they might be the right pick for some.
Yes, nationality is one thing, but you cannot generalise the girls based on where they're from. Some characteristics are true, like the fact that RO girls are hard workers, but there are still some exceptions who simply do not care about their clients. This all depends on the girl you choose to have a session with and not her nationality.
Quote:A few years ago, Hungarian girls dominated the Vienna sex scene, but Romanian ladies came in and changed the hierarchy.

It's a shame that the balance tipped so much. There are an overwhelming number of Romanian girls in brothels, but rarely do I see a group of Hungarian ladies anywhere I go. Any recommendations for Hungarian girls in Vienna?
Do you guys think we will see any new girl nationalities in Vienna anytime soon?
Romania is poorer country than Hungary and Hungarian people don't like to move to other countries. So I don't expect more Hungarian girls in Vienna, Romanian girls will be the dominant ones.
@PunterKing, yea, thought so. Still, I would like to see more Hungarian girls start working here. It would spice up the lineup by tenfold. I have nothing against Romanian girls, but there are so many of them, it's hard to find other nationalities.
take the quoted text back, Hungarian girls reverted the trend, climbing on top of any other nationality again. they're unprecedented, unbeatable. their dynamite tempers create tension during the intercourse, I've got lots of people praising them for literally changing the viewpoint of sex because of their little virtue there. extraordinary girls indeed.
no they haven't. Romanian girls are still the majority and I think that it is going to stay that way for a long while. As the situation stands now, I can't really see any scenario where RO girls would be the minority in the Vienna prostitution scene.

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