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Pregnant prostitutes?
I saw something about a studio in Vienna that specializes in pregnant prostitutes? Can anybody confirm or deny this? I never thought of pregnant girls that way, but I guess there's a market for them too if there's a studio dedicated to it.
Honestly, I don't think this is ethically right, and besides, how badly do the girls need the money to do this? What do you guys think? Is this just a rumor or really true?
Personally I believe that these girls can earn good money. I don't think it is ethically wrong, it is just one kind of sexual services. Of course the girls must do everything to save the babies' health but apart of it, I don't see any problem with this thing. Some girls have sex with animals, I think it is more bizarre than pregnant sex.
the thing is more complex that just yes and no, black or white.
Yes, there is a market and a demand for sexworkers that are pregnant offering their "services"
No, it is definitely not ethical and feeds the narrative of people who want to ban prostitution all together.

This studio is in the 6th district Gumpendorferstraße 124. It is only Hungarian girls in there and at the moment most of them are pregnant. So, that is no coincidence and is a controlled thing. And the moment that people enforce control over sexworkers of any kind, this goes into the realm of possible pimping, trafficking and the likes.
So, this is a very emotionally and politically charged topic.

I for one do not think that we should express our interest in this fetish because those mothers maybe do not offer their service voluntary
It is interesting that there are girls in Vienna who are forced by pimps. The Vienna market is well regulated and there are police officers everywhere.

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