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Poor linenup everywhere in August, 2018
This August was pretty bad everywhere lineup-wise. Seems like many of the best sexworkers in Vienna went on a vacation or something. And this not only happening to smaller places, but big names like Goldentime, Maxim and Babylon too. However, according to my previous experience, this will change quickly over the next month or so, so everything is fine in the end.
No surprise there at all. This is practically the same every August. Especially the Romanian ladies like to spend their time (and money) in their own vacation hotspots like Mamaia Beach. It won't be long and they run out of money, returning to their working places Smile
I agree, but it is fair and accurate to say that for example in Maxim things were worse last year so at least 1 place where an improvement can be seen
In GT traditionally right after the big party in the middle of August half of the girls leave for their vacation and we are in the middle of that time period right now
The sane is expected from Babylon every year as it usually closes for 2-3 weeks in August
As I suspected, the lineup everywhere seems to be getting better every day. All of the relevant places seem to be pushing for new girls. Maxim has acquired numerous new girls and they added pictures to new girls, as well as ones that previously worked there. Goldentime and Funpalast also have many newcomers. However, other nightclubs seem to be doing horribly and they struggle non-stop.
Agreed, I am noticing many new girls coming to the places I usually go to. I always start to panic when the LU seems to be getting worse, but then the relief comes after a couple of months when the girls come back and new girls start working.

All in all, most places have a much better LU than a couple of months ago, so its a great time to pay for sex in Vienna IMHO.

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