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Plans to rebuild the Gürtel?
A friend mentioned that it seems that the government wants to rebuild the Gürtel again? Do you guys have any info on this?
I think it's just a reconstruction. If I understand it correctly, they want to take away space from the clubs and turn them into public places (parks, walkways, etc.) I might be wrong, somebody clarify please.
Yes, there are plans to reconstruct some of the buildings along the Gürtel. But these are just plans, there's no strategy to do it yet. I guess the area does need some work, but I really hope that they don't take away too much from the nightlife.
the previous work they done on the buildings was necessary, but I am not sure if it is necessary now...
Can someone explain what's happening here? What are they going to do to the Gurtel?
I've read the news. As I understood, the west gate will be closed from 3rd July to 2nd of September, specifically, Hadikgasse; the section Schloßallee - Kennedybrücke and they will establish an alternate route via Penziger Strasse.

During that time they'll work on the outer belt of Gurtel as well. Renovation is mandatory since there are complaints about the road being to shaky, causing a lot of noise when trucks pass-by. At least two lanes will function properly, in order to keep traffic approachable.
they are planning on rebuilding the ring road and the buildings along the road. Here's an article in English that I found about the news:
No freaking way that it's a 3-month to-do plan! Congrats to the Austrians, they really made headway on all aspects of their economy! It'll be renovated with a snap of a finger, without any drastic traffic interrupting

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