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Performance Enhancers
I'd like to know if you guys use any performance enhancers while having sex with prostitutes. If you do, could you tell me which is the best? I've heard about Viagra and Kamagra, but I really don't know anything more about them. Would appreciate help from anyone who has used them. Thanks!
Good question. Always wanted to debunk that dilemma.
I prefer Kamagra, the gel version. It's so easy to take it and it actually has a good taste (different flavors available). The way it works for me is that it needs like 30-60 minutes to kick in and it works for a long time. And what I like about Kamagra the best is that I only get an erection when I'm stimulated. I would hate running around with a boner the whole day.
performance enhancers? things are getting out of hands later days, no one can fuck without using artificial stimulus smh

anyway if I'd be an old geezer I'd prefer viagra since it's a valid medicine and kamagra's are commercial bullshit with them posters and staples around every god damn corner
I Think Kamagra Doesn't Have Side Effects. Will Choose Kamagra
Ew, pill-popping for sex, disgusting
rather remain a virgin for life than whoring myslef with enchancers...
You do realize that some people use performance enhancers because they have to, not because they want to. There are people who have a harder time maintaining an erection or even achieving one and enhancers help. I mean, who would want to go to a prostitute just to have problems with getting it up. I think it's perfectly normal to use pills if you have to. Or  as a matter of fact, if you want to.
Quote:Ew, pill-popping for sex, disgusting
rather remain a virgin for life than whoring myslef with enchancers…

such an arrogant post from someone who clearly doesnt know what hes talking about
let's look it the Plato's way - if incapable capable of something - don't do it!
Calm down, anonymous dude or dudes, whatever. Why the negative comments? Modern medicine is just another state-of-the-art aspect of our developed industries and societies! Think of the people born flawed. I do also criticise viewpoints of some individuals or a group, but this is fully justified!

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