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Okaybar got shut down!
Smaller clubs and studios that do not even have a website won't survive in this day and age. I think their efforts are worthless without having any online presence at all.
okaybar was okay. too many young people and the girls werent friendly either. the place looked good tho and a lot of people seemed to like it
#19920 true, the online presence is a must
#19920 I agree
I'm personally glad that Eve Bar is getting closed. The taxi scam that they have been doing for years is disgusting. Okay Bar on the other hand is a total surprise for me. I thought it would become a popular bar in Vienna, but it seems like that's not going to be the case.
Never understood why brothels or sex clubs would scam their clients. I mean, aren't returning clients the best thing for a business?!
Thank God this isn't a problem for Babylon and Maxim. We would be in a huge mess if those two couldn't keep up with the heat.

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