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Nigerian Sex Slaves in Italy
The immigration problem in Europe is highly effecting the sex scene as well. According to this article, Nigerian immigrants by the thousands are being forced into sex slavery in Italy. They are lured with the promise of a new and better life, but they are forced to become prostitutes instead. The worst part is that the girls cant run away from this as they have a huge debt with their traffickers.
Here's the link to the article BTW:
It's sad what young women have to endure because they have to flee their home country. These human traffickers are truly evil, dragging the girls from one hell into another. Something needs to be done about this!
Quote:Another girl who was interviewed on the streets near Rome said that she earns €10 per sex job, and that she usually gets €30 daily because she only gets a couple of customers every day.
What the actual fuck?! Is this real? The girls are really selling their bodies to random strangers for 10 euros per sex job? I don't think you can get lower in life than that.. These girls need to get help ASAP, cuz this ain't living..

Quote:Today, Precious lives near Rome in a safe house for Nigerian women who have been forced into prostitution. She does a paid internship in geriatric care and she is safe from her traffickers.

Thank God at least some of the girls have a happy ending. Working as an intern isn't the best job in the world, but it is certainly better than having forced sex on a daily basis.
@zeus I agree, anything is better than the situation that the girls are currently in. I really hope that something will be done to prevent this from happening.
I get it that these girls are trying to get away from their lives in a third-world country, but how is having sex for this ridiculously low price any better? I mean, they are probably better off in Nigeria where they dont have to engage in sexual acts on a daily basis for little-to-no money..
Well, you can't say they're better off for sure because neither of us has been to Nigeria. There is plenty of violence in the country and it's filled with human rights issues. Just check out the World Report on it:
I’m not sure they are better off in Nigeria seeing the current situation there. The best thing would be to give these girls shelter or at least help them get rid of their traffickers, I wouldn’t wish a life like this on my worst enemy.
It always pains me to think about this. Are we actually contributing to sex slavery with being pouters? I mean really, the dark side of the sex industry is the worst. I would never want a woman having sex with me just because she is forced to.
Is this some Nigerian King mailing you kind of scam? They must be stranded far far away from their continent, and I'm doubting that they were unwillingly commuting to Italy. It's always sad stories about the impoverished countries that are targets of people pitty... raw story, but definitely cut loose from the background of it

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