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New Arrivals - New Girls in Vienna
This thread is a collection of links to girls who have recently started working in Vienna.
Please, do not discuss the girls here. If you want to discuss the girls further, please create a separate thread in the right forum.
Diana at Maxim, she started yesterday:

Bianca at Maxim, she started approxiimately 10 days ago but it is her very first time in this job. No photos yet but report on other forums indicated that she is very very busty and pretty as well:
I was with a new girl in Goldentime the other day. Her name is Elvira, she’s a small, slim, blonde girl. She speaks great German and English as well. Very cute girl, awesome provider in the room. She’s very natural. She told me she used to work in Babylon and now she works in Goldentime for about two or three weeks.
Unfortunately, as it is in GT and there no-picture-policy on the website, I can't provide a link to pictures or anyting

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