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My opinion on Daisy from Bijou
I’ve recently booked Daisy from Bijou. I am a regular Bijou Escort user and when they had their falling out there was a certain void that other escort agencies in Vienna weren’t able to fill. I made the occasional Maxim escort booking, but although it’s different than most Viennese escort agencies, it was mostly about the sex there too and not the escort experience. There were some exceptions, but unfortunately those ladies are not in Maxim anymore. I was so relieved and happy when I saw that Bijou is back and operational.

I’m the type of person who prefers booking escort sessions, rather than going to a club or laufhaus, and I’m definitely not an FKK guy. For me it is very convenient in escort bookings to arrange the session in advance. Rushing a booking is not my cup of tea. I like to research the sites and girls, read reviews and find the right one that fits my criteria. I often call an agency and ask their personal recommendations too before I actually make a booking.
The fact that Daisy should always be booked in advance and the reports that I’ve read online made her an obvious pick for me. I’ve heard that she’s a very busy person and spontaneous bookings rarely happen. Apparently, she doesn’t work every day and her schedule seems to be unpredictable as I was told by the customer service.

Daisy is a nice and warm person, she’s talkative and she seems very interesting and interested. From what I saw and experienced she is talented and sex with her is very good. However, my escort date with Daisy didn’t develop into what I would have liked from previous Bijou sessions. Sessions with ladies who are not that popular or praised online, but they are recommended by the agency for being real escort girls. These girls are always on time, they are well-mannered, discrete, they know how to behave in a restaurant, opera visit or a business meeting. And they know when to shut it and when it is the right time to talk. The best example that I can come up with would probably be Larissa from Bijou Escort. I booked her in the past, even though she didn’t have a lot of promise on the internet. But she came through like a pro and showed unexpected things. There were also a couple of other girls who left Bijou when it shut down. I can only hope that they return at some point in the future.

I feel like Daisy is better described as a club girl, rather than an escort girl. Essentially, she is a Maxim club girl who is offering escort on the side since Maxim is her workplace and they are offering it too. However, I’ve read that she started to work at an FKK where she got famous. And in an FKK the only thing that matters is the sex. Don’t get me wrong, I love good sex, but a good escort experience is something entirely different, especially in higher prices.
Daisy is a club girl in her work, as well as in private life. She is very social, likes drinking and she’s super versatile. But, she is not the ideal escort for me because the sex and the sexuality of things overshadow the experience. I feel this is not exactly what an escort date is supposed to be. A good escort booking shouldn’t only be about sex, but rather about spending a certain amount of time with diverse fun. I also think an escort booking should be longer than just one hour. Which also means that now I know that it is not correct for me to select a girl depending on how long her service list is. I mean, Daisy has like the best service level and the sexual experience was 10/10 with her, but our escort date left things desired. I am not sure if this makes sense to everybody, but I know that there are many other guys who feel the same way about escort bookings.

The fact that Daisy is in the lineup of any agency gives that agency value, as she really is a dream in many ways. However, if you’re like me, you want a real escort experience or you maybe even want to be shown around the city or have a candle light dinner. I don’t like being pushed to the bedroom all the time, I like to rather savour every moment as an experience that is more than sex. If you’re like me, then it might be better to take a lady who is just an escort and essentially not a sexworker by nature. But thank god they exist!  Big Grin

Apart from these philosophical thoughts, I have to rate the Bijou escort service as well. The booking experience at this agency hasn’t changed much with the new owners. The guy on the phone is still professional and speaks good English, and German of course. Overall, the agency did everything that I asked and my experience with Daisy wasn’t their fault. And in fact it wasn’t Daisy’s fault either. She’s just not the perfect escort date for me because of the reasons that I listed.

Thank you for reading my post. I’m a long time Sex Vienna reader, first time poster, so my thread might not be on point or in the right place. Hopefully you learn something from my blabbering and it actually helps.

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