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Mihaela from LH Rosi
Some of you might remember Mihaela who used to work in Goldentime Vienna for a long time. She has recently been discovered in Laufhaus Rosi. Great looking girl, fit body and a nice pair of tits. Also good service provider. She is also announced to be in Laufhaus Vienna soon.

Mihaela's profile on the LH Rosi site:
Mihaela has already moved from Laufhaus Rosi to Laufhaus Vienna. On the site it is listed that she's available for escort, as well as in the Laufhaus. Also, she does a bunch of extra services, listed on the site as well.
Wow some of these girls on the LV website look like top pornstars, Mihaela is no exception. Her photos are amazing and I saw her page says she can be invited to hotels too. Does anyone know a moderately priced tolerant hotel in the area?
(11-03-2018, 08:42 PM)Etronol Wrote: Does anyone know a moderately priced tolerant hotel in the area?

Laufhaus Vienna is not far from the Hauptbahnhof train station, which has a couple of new decent (not high class, but good) hotels around it. MOTEL ONE Hauptbahnhof, Star Inn Hotel Hauptbahnhof and some others come to mind.
Seems like Mihaela is gone. I’m satisfied with the lineup though, the girls in the site gallery look stunning

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