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Migrants in Germany get free sex vouchers
I found an interesting news article at CNN website. It covers a topic that migrants in Germany get free sex vouchers to brothels to not rape the local women. They get vouchers twice a week for free of charge. The info is from a Gree nationalist politican, Kyriakos Velopoulos. He also said that Greece migh do the same soon, and the tax payers will pay the costs.

According to the CNN, this is not true (of course it is not). But we can expect similar news spreading on Facebook and other social media, because of the upcoming European Parliament voting. Have you seen such posts on Facebook?
This is simply a bullshit. Germany does not give sex vouchers for migrants, it would be a real suicide for the politicans who allow it.
Dumbass Greek.
I bet this is just a publicity stunt from the politician. I mean, I had no idea who that guy was, but now I've heard of him...and even CNN wrote an article about him. Either way, actually giving free vouchers for migrants so that they wouldn't rape local women is a crazy idea that wouldn't fly anywhere.
Kyriakos Velopoulos is a Greek politician and former parliament member, and television personality. Born in Germany, his parents were refugee peasants. After his graduation from Dendropotamos high school, he studied journalism and was awarded a scholarship.

from Wikipedia:

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