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Maxim girls waiting for the club to open
I read on this forum and other forums that while Maxim is closed, the girls that used to work there are not looking for other places to work at, but they are rather just waiting for the club to be open again. I read that they are not able to find other alternatives? Seeing how Vienna is a huge city, do you guys know why the girls are waiting? Is Maxim really the only real club in the city other than LHs, FKKs and studios?
it boils down to the fact that there is only 1 place in Vienna that combines all variables that make not only for a good working environment but also for a combination of niche demands Maxim caters too. Or in other words it was, and will be when open agan, the only remaining nightclub offering:
  • drinks
  • good music and a DJ who even sings LIVE
  • occassional pole dancing
  • sex in the club
  • escort service
  • or just having a drink and party with friends
And of course the location is pretty central which didn't hurt with all the hotels surrounding the area. But then again there are many clubs who are located even more ideally and they don't play any role whatsoever so the location alone cannot be the decisive factor which means that the management and marketing aspect must play an immense role as well.
This is how I see it as a customer and reviewer. I am sure the girls can elaborate on it.

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