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Maxim Wien reopening today
According to the latest information that we got, Sexclub Maxim Wien is opening today in the evening. We are still waiting for an official statement and will update the article with further information. Until then, tell us what you think about Maxim reopening!

If you wish to read the full post about the Maxim reopening, check out this post: Maxim Wien reopening today
It is true, Maxim opened yesterday. There is a big slider image on the club website which tells the same.
There was a very good atmosphere in Maxim yesterday. However there were only 8 girls, all of them were happy that Maxim is finally open again. Some of the girls tried other places but the clubs were not good enough for these highclass girls. I heard that there will be more Maxim girls but some of them already left Vienna because of Easter and will be back very soon.
Yes! On Thursday was their opening night. They opened with a somewhat smaller team which, probably, was to be expected. 
The opening was't really announced except for a bit noise on Facebook but other than that no real marketing campaign or anything. Still there was a healthy turnout. 
Maxim Wien - Welcome Back!
(04-13-2019, 01:01 PM)firestorm2012 Wrote: The opening was't really announced except for a bit noise on Facebook but other than that no real marketing campaign or anything.

I saw this advert:

[Image: p.jpeg?size_mode=5]
Nice, glad to see that Maxim is back. Wasn't able to go yet since the re-opening, but I will have to make some time for a visit soon. Curious to see what they were working on. Any noticable changes?
It's been revealed by now that it wasn't a renovation of the main club area of Maxim but rather a technical fix in the back of the club that turned out to be more complicated than expected. So almost no changes in the club per se.
Congratulations to them, the club was busy as always on the weekend and according to the waiters this has been going great since day 1 of the reopening which is astounding. If another club would close for 4 months, they'd most likely be destroyed. Maxim took one on the chin and stood up, shaking it off like nothing had ever happened. Maybe they are 7-8 girls short but since it is Easter time here and also in the Orthodox countries like Romania and Bulgaria, that doesn't have the greatest impact. Junior boss said that right after Easter 90% of all the regular Maxim ladies will be back plus a group of new ones already announced that they'll come as well.
This is very awesome. I really belive there should be a lot of work behind the whole reopening process.
Went to Maxim on a Friday after Easter. I have to say it was pretty impressive of the club to welcome its guests with 12-14 girls that night. Easily one of the best sex clubs in the city even after being closed for 4 months. Probably many other places would have gone bust after being closed for so long.

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