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Maxim - Do I have to go down to the bar?
I havent been to Maxim yet and most of what I know about the club is from this and other forums. My question is: do I have to go down to the bar if I go to Maxim? I dont really like drinking and I would prefer immediately going to the room with the girl. Is this something that I can do? Or is it mandatory to drink and talk with the girls before the session?
It's not usually what people do in Maxim, but I think you can easily call the club and talk this through with the staff. I don't think they are going to make a problem out of this if you don't want to go down to the bar.

However, I think grabbing a drink, talking with the bartender and the girls and then going to the room is part of the fun. But if you want to go straight to the room, I think it's doable. Maxim is usually good with special requests like this.
Hanging out in the bar is not only part of the fun but it also helped me in a lot of clubs. You can take the opportunity to talk with a few girls and then go with the one that excites you the most. I usually try to find a more talkative girl in the bar with good attitude and then just go with the flow
Well if you dont like drinking then just go grab a glass of water. The bar is a more natural place for a little chit chat with the girls in my opinion. On the other hand a request like this one should be no problem for a club like Maxim

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