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Loverboy method
I would like to bring you guys’ attention to a disgusting method traffickers use to lure young and insecure girls in. It is called the Loverboy method and the guys basically pretend they are boyfriend material when in really they just want to force the girls into prostitution in another country. Their targets are mostly girls who sit alone in a café or those women who seem like they don’t have self-esteem. This needs to stop right now and the more people know about it, the better.

I know its not a Sex-Vienna article, but here’s the link to the full piece if you want to learn more about this shameful scheme:
Quote:When the girls fall in love or are fully dependent on the loverboy, he turns it all around and demands something in exchange. Most of the time, this means prostitution, drug dealing or any other illegal activity that the guy can think of.

Can't believe there are such scum people on our planet.. Using the girls like puppets, without any care for the mental trauma they are causing. Even if they are saved a couple of years later, the kidnapped girls can never go back to their old lives. And most of them can't even live a normal life after what happens to them..

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