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Lee from Maxim
Asian girls in sex clubs are rare. Lee is the most appealing Asian girl that I have met in a while. Not only is she sexy, but she is also clean and takes care of herself. Additionally, she works in Maxim, rather than those shady studios where most Asian ladies can be found. Very appealing, good services.

Sex-Vienna has also published a post about her, check the article out if you need more info.
if Asians interest you, this might be a worthy read:

My first post about Asians in Vienna. I was fairly enthusiastic back then. Pity that it didn't last long
hate the fact that there are not enough gorgeous Asian girls in Vienna. hope to see more of them arriving in sauna clubs or brothels soon
Lee looks like the girl I would take any day of the week. I've been obsessed with Asian girls since I figured out what my willy was for. Glad to see that there are at least a few decent Asian girls left in Vienna.
any other asian girls?
I'm not really into Asian ladies, so I haven't done any extra research on them, but from my experiences, I haven't seen many Asian girls in Viennese FKKs or sexclubs. I guess there must be Asians in studios, but I tend to avoid those as best I can.

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