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Laufhaus Rachel
A guy in a local forum wrote about his experience with Laufhaus Rachel. He checked the LH website and chose a girl. Her availability calendar showed that the girl will be available that day.

The punter arrived to Laufhaus Rachel and when he stepped in, found the whole Laufhaus empty of customers. Only girls were there who tried to catch him, most likely because there were not too much customers that day. But the guy continued the walking to the end of the building where the selected girl works. Once he arrived there, he found that the door is closed, and the sex worker is not there. Obviously, he was very frustrated because why the website uses availability calendars if they don't show the real availability?

He turned away and saw a very nice blonde Romanian girl. He tried to order a kiss from the girl, but she rejected, then the guy chose another girl. The new one agreed the kiss and asked 30 EUR extra money for it. As the punter described, the kiss was nothing and the girl continuously tried to push his head away from her lips. Finally, because the girl spoke only German and was not able to speak English, he gave up and had a sex with the girl.

After he left the girl, he saw again the previously mentioned blond girl and her face was totally different than before. Earlier she was a smiling blondie and after the intermezzo her eyes were totally angry and hateful. However, the guy wanted to come back after a short dinner and have sex with the blonde girl, he changed his mind after saw how the prostitute became a silent fury.

I'm opening this topic because I found really interesting the above-mentioned report. I saw Laufhaus Rachel advertised on many places in Vienna forums and sex scene sites. I would be happy to see your own reviews or comments about what the guy experienced.
Laufhaus Rachel surely deserves a bad review just because the availability calendar thing. It is funny when places like this one add something fancy such as a couple of fake girls, services or an availability calendar in this case and the customer ends up disappointed because it was just a bait
That blonde Romanian girl either has too many clients on a daily basis or she is just plain stupid. Being in bitch mode is not very profitable for a sex worker, lol
Do you guys have newer experience of this laufhaus?

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