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Laufhaus Kontakthof
I had sex with Ariana from Kontakthof and first I was surprised, since she looked different that on the images. On the Laufhaus website she looks like a good looking GF and in real she looks like a real bitch. Her lips and breasts are bigger what are not a problem, but I wanted to have another kind of sexual experiences.

I took a shower and she started with NF. It was not bad but was a bit mechanical and she put on the gum after some time and started to rode me. She did it faster and faster and she started to moan too. We finished in doggy style an I sprayed my seeds on her back.

All in all it was a good experience however I expected more. The OWO was average and she really looked different than on the website.
What about other girls from Kontakthof? Did one of you had sex with another one? Which are your impressions?
I visited only her.
I visited Mary a few times. Big breasts, big juicy ass, nice tattoos, nice gap between the legs. Amazing body, I had no words when I saw him in person.

She is flexible so usually I can do a lot of different things with her in bed. Except when she has a bad day but even then it's not so bad. I can say as a regular client that the sympathy is luckily good between us, the chemistry is working so sometimes we work for her orgasm instead of mine. I think gentlemen who are kind and patient with her always get a great service. If not on the first visit, maybe on the second or third
(08-28-2019, 10:28 AM)decesare Wrote: Amazing body, I had no words when I saw him in person.

I can imagine the surprise when you saw HIS big juicy ass Smile No offense, I'm just joking.

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