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La chica
Haven't been to La Chica yet, so I can't speak from experience, but I read a review of a girl who works there on this forum. Based on just the review, I wouldn't recommend the place, there are better ones to choose. But I'm sure someone more experienced will chime in at some point.

Here's the review of Lidia from Studio La Chica:
La Chica is definitely legit and they are professionals at what they do.
That said some of their methods are questionable to say the least. Maybe some of the other users may go deeper into it because I didn't have a personal experience there in the last almost 2 years
if someone was with aida or recommended another studio that is safe
I wouldn’t say La Chica isn’t safe, but it definitely has its problems. Most of the girls there offer AO sex and they might be the best place for that. However, general cleanliness and hygiene can be a problem. The girls also often try to shorten the sessions, probably to fit in more clients and try to make more money. Sometimes the sessions are packed after one another and the girls don’t really have time to properly prepare for the next guy.

Overall when it comes to AO sex, La Chica is one of the best you can find, but it’s definitely not for everybody. The unhygienic atmosphere, everything that comes with AO, and the girls’ attitude leave a certain aftertaste. It’s up to you if you tolerate that to get your pleasure.

p.s. I wasn’t with Aida, so I can’t comment on her. Other recommendation? Maybe Emotion Wellness. The pictures online are a bit photoshopped and the ladies are a bit on the MILF side now. Not as many nice girls as there usually are. January is not that great at the moment in Vienna.
who know a good sex club where it is allowed more cumming
I heard its very hard for the girls to work there, mostly because of AO. The small number of girls that dont offer it make way less money than those who do. The girls that offer it and look somewhat good are swarmed with clients. Seems like many regulars book the new AO girls as soon as they start working. The prettiest girls often start without AO, but within weeks or months they start offering it, more often than not. This is probably because they wouldnt make enough money without it.
I remember Penelope who worked in La Chica in late 2018, but she switched over to Maxim for exactly the reasons mentioned above. The working environment is better there and good money can be made without being forced to do one session after the other without a break..

Not sure if she's still going to be there once Maxim opens up again after the renovation. Here's Penelope's profile, currently under the former girls section on the Maxim site:

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