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Kabinsex in Vienna
I've been hearing about an innovation called Kabinsex lately. Anyone has an idea about what it is?
It's similar to the gloryhole Videos you see in porn. You the customer have 3 holes in front of you on the wall. There are two holes for your eyes and one for your penis. You watch a porn flick on those two holes and the prostitute treats your penis to an adventure on the third one. I'm not sure whether there is Kabinsex in Vienna though. Haven't tried it.
This is the first time I'm hearing about this "Kabinsex", didn't even know something like this existed. I was never into gloryhole sex and I don't think I will be trying Kabinsex either.
I have never heard about it. What is it?
just dissociate the term and analyze it on your own 'Cabin-sex', intuitively. However, I did not know that it differs from glory hole sex like the other guy just debunked it. seems interesting in its own ways, yes. reading his post enlivened the curiosity of mine, so I'm also wondering if there's something alike in Vienna. Cheers
I've only heard and read about Kabinsex, I never decided to find a place that actually offers it. According to what I heard, it's basically what the other user posted. There are holes for your eyes where you can watch a porn movie and a hole below the waist where the prostitute can go down on you. The only problem I'm having with this concept is that how do you know if you're being blown by a woman and not a man if you can't look? Maybe it's just my paranoia, who know.
I've tried it once and it was pretty awesome. Though I'm surprised that Kabinsex already showed up on this forum. It isn't really popular as far as I know it. If any of you are looking to try it out, Helga's Kabinsex will do pretty fine.
i find this topic highly entertaining and interesting, but there's not enough info about glory hole sex in europe. set your focus visitors, nobody cares what condom you wear or whether you're gifting a prostitute a house or a truck. WE WANT LOCATION INFORMATION LIKE GOOGLE WANTS AND GETS IT, GET IT?
So kabinsex is only oral, right? There are some brothels in Amsterdam where you can fuck girls but you cant see them. I think only their legs are out wide spread on a bed. But I guess during kabinsex the girl wont turn around to insert it in standing doggy position, lol
I watched some documentaries or whatever that was since it was porn-related, and I saw how the whole thing works. At least I think it works like it because there was no visual demonstration. It looks so awesome! One thing I'm not sure of is whether you know who's sucking you off. Issue like that can escalate to a misunderstanding or doubt in it, but let's say that you choose who's behind it all.

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