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Jasmin from the Studio at Bäuerlegasse 29
A recent negative review about Jasmin who works in the studio at Bäuerlegasse 29 has been posted on the local Erotikforum. As shown in the Sex Vienna legal brothel list the studios at Bäuerlegasse 29 are licensed by the police. However, according to the review this is not a place you want to visit and the guy who wrote the review experienced it firsthand. He writes about an unenthusiastic service from the woman, sex made impossible because of full-body ticklishness, shady looking bodybuilders with enormously expensive cars waiting in the lobby and an unattended 5-year-old running around in the studio. This review is the perfect example of why places like this need to be avoided like the plague and why it’s always better to go to reputable places.

Those who want to read the original German review can do so by checking it out over on the Erotikforum.

I created my English interpretation of the original post for those who do not speak German. People need to be warned about places like this where you not only get bad service, but you can also get in a lot of trouble just for being there.

The review starts off with the guy saying that Jasmin is about 30 years old, which is believable, and she has a pretty good body all things considered. However, this is where the praise stops, as she was unenthusiastic about the session and gave a pretty bad service overall. She was constantly blabbering in Hungarian and apparently she doesn’t speak a word of any other language. He also writes that she was ticklish all over the body, including the pussy, so sex was impossible.

The guy wanted to abort, but this was difficult considering there was a group of Hungarian bodybuilders in the lobby of the studio. These bodybuilders had their real luxury cars parked outside the studio and they looked like trouble and like guys that you don’t want to mess with.

At the end, the reviewer also shares one of the worst highlights of the visit to this studio: the fact that an unattended 5-year-old girl was running through the rooms and the studio right when he came out of the shower. He also writes that it seemed to him that the two studios that are right next to each other are merging because outside the studio on the sidewalk there was another group of bodybuilders carrying stuff from the race cars to the studio and back. He also notes that he is not going back and that the place should be avoided by all means.
I'm not really sure what I would do if the bodybuilder pimps were waiting in the lobby as I was leaving because of bad service.

But leaving a 5 year old unattended in a brothel is a whole new level of stupid. I mean, just imagine what type of life she's going to have.. poor child.

Anyways, thanks for sharing this, they won't see me there either
what a shady place, why didn’t he leave after he saw the big guys? definitely a place to avoid
A good studio should be a place where anyone can relax and meet the girls discretely. Who would visit a place where they scare the *** out of you, provide bad service and there is a random kid running around. Very disturbing, I wouldn’t go there even if it was the only studio in the city. Those guys probably mess you up if you say a word about the scammy service

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