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Illegal Prostitution
Recently I’ve seen multiple reports on illegal apartments and studios being shut down by the police. I never understood why girls choose to work at these places.. isn't this just a constant battle with the police?

Here are the relevant Sex-Vienna articles where you can find more info about the topic:
I have nothing against sex parties in apartments, I can see it as an exclusive event for only a small group of people. Too bad that these parties are often ran by loverboys and the girls often don't have any papers which is also very dangerous.

But if I got invited to a sex party by a serious gentleman who shows up with licensed girls, I would definitely take the chance. I guess you can do it by booking a few escorts and inviting your friends, but it's probably more expensive, and feels less exclusive than getting invited to a sex party
At least the police is doing their job. Better to catch these pimps and girls, no one wants to get an STD. Not to mention that some of the girls are probably thankful because they are no longer held as prostitutes by force, even if they need to pay a fine. I would say it is still better to be poor or to have a shitty job than to get abused and fucked on a daily basis.
I think these girls choose to become prostitutes because they have very few options anyway. No education, bad relationship with parents, poor family or no family at all, language barriers. They don't know any better than to follow a pimp and hope for the best. They are already in a bad position so it's easy to make them feel helpless and take advantage. Uneducated also means that they have no idea about their rights. Just a few threatening words and they do pretty much what you want in hope that they get some money and get their life going. This is the sad truth, but this is also whats going on in many other countries
I read a few meaningful articles filling in for this cause. Illegal Prostitution is for the pimps and pseudo-owners to blame. They're forcingly making the girl work in sex exchange, where's she only bound to their will and nothing more.

Pimps/criminals are in total control over them, and there's nothing they can do. There's an educational read about Chinese gang members recruiting naive Chinese women in Austria's brothels and sex bars. It's a disaster! The other guy talking about the language barrier - he's right and I hold tight to my opinion that it's the biggest problem of them all. They simply cannot call in for help since no one will understand them, like Martians stranded on Jupiter!

Horrifying, and inevitable. That's why prostitutional laws should be enforced with maximum caution!
Gravely curious about which reporter is suitable for an interview with prostitutes working in brothels. The last article of the 3-pack bundle had me left in doubt because I've seen plethora news reports on ladies "forced" to have sex in exchange of money, but there are still women striving to become sex workers, regardless of their motives. Money-making is the most common but I always think twice after I read something. WHO is the journalist/reporter that infiltrates brothels that easily and finds about the sex workers lives, especially those corrupted brothels.

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