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Goldentime Linz visit
I visited Goldentime Linz the other day and I must say that the place is clean and pretty stylish to be completely honest. Entry fee is 85 euros and half hour sessions cost 60 euros.

The lineup wasn't that great, but I didn't really expect a superb LU here. I found a girl I liked by the name of Adama. 18 year old inexperienced girl, but she's very soft in the room. Great GFE.

Most of the other girls didn't really interest me, but everybody was friendly and not pushy at all. The food was also excellent, great selection and very tasty foods were served.

I think GT Linz is the only viable option in the area right now. Do you guys agree?
How would you rate the girl lineup and the place itself compared to other clubs and FKKs, like GT in Vienna, Funpalast and Maxim?

I haven't mongered in Linz yet, but I did some research and haven't really found other great places in that area.
(08-07-2018, 09:42 PM)atencoat Wrote: How would you rate the girl lineup and the place itself compared to other clubs and FKKs, like GT in Vienna, Funpalast and Maxim?

The girl lineup is much better in bigger clubs, but there are a couple of good looking girls here too. The establishment is clean and there are numerous wellness facilities to choose from. I would recommend going to GT Linz if you are in the area.
I was traveling to Germany a few weeks ago and had the chance to stop at Goldentime Linz. It has a nice and clean interior, the kind of place where I like to chill. After I paid the entry fee, I was ready for a few sessions. The lineup wasnt amazing but you cant expect the lineup to be as good as in bigger clubs, GT Linz is a provincial club after all. For example I have been in the Vienna Goldentime club and Maxim and you can see there how the bigger city comes with better lineup.

For the rooms you need to go upstairs, all of them big and comfy. I was having a drink when I noticed a young and shy girl. Her name is Adama and as it turned out she joined the club not too long ago. Went to a half hour session with her and it was amazing, she is an absolute pleaser. Not like a pornstar but rather GFE and there was no need to ask for kissing and OWO, she considered it all part of the service.

I had another session with a girl named Lori who was totally my type of girl. Flat chest, skinny body but nice hips and overall figure, she is really sexy. Blue eyes and blonde hair, great combination and she is also the sensual type in bed, perfect for soft and slow sex. Meanwhile I talked with a few of the other girls, most of them were Romanian and others Bulgarian. Pretty much all of them were talkative and friendly. They dont know a whole lot of German but enough to have a chit chat.

I highly doubt that there is a better club in the area than Goldentime, the others I know are not worth visiting at all.

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