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Gay and Lesbian Sex in Vienna
I know this is a bit of an unusual request, but can someone tell me which are the best and most discrete brothels for queer men and women? I'm gay and would like to find a nice place to spend the weekends at. Don't hate on me for this. Thanks.
My favorite is the Wiscot Gay Center: Lerchenfelder Gürtel 45 [U: Josefstädter Straße]

Daily 12:00 – 24:00; Thu, Sat till 03:00. Gay cinema, a bit far off the city center.
Visit Donauinsel for a good gloryhole experience. It's literally the place to get your brains fucked out. You can find it at the parking Floridsdorfer Bridge, Danube Island. On the wooden bridge and into the toilet cruisy toilet facility.
Gloryholes in Vienna? Is this for real? Seems like Santa came earlier this year for me, my dream was to go and at least take a look at those facilities. never more did I anticipated a voyage, then my next one - destination: Wien - Vienna!
just checked for replies on-the-go, and saw the inconvenience. i didn't notice that the word is about GAY gloryholes. oh boy how embarrassing would have that been, good thing second thoughts exist, my senses are working wonderfully
queer women hookers exist? what a beautiful time we breathe in

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