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Effects of cheaper and cheaper prices for sex
I see so many people getting hyped whenever a club or brothel decides to lower their prices. I, on the other hand am not too enthusiastic about this, as I've seen too many good places fall from grace because of lowered prices (just look at Funpalast). Whenever the prices get cheaper, it usually means that the service level is also going to get worse. The other huge problem with this is that the girls are often not paid enough for what they are actually doing, resulting in unenthusiastic sessions with girls who hate their jobs.

Additionally, in case an FKK decides to lower the entry fee, this usually also means that the club is going to be pack-full of clients who want cheap sex. For me personally, this makes the whole mongerering experience a whole lot less enjoyable, but this might just be me.

I'm interested to hear you guys' thoughts on the subject. What do you think about the fact that the prices for sex is getting cheaper and cheaper?
I completely agree with you. I always prefer paying a bit more to properly have fun and to enjoy the experience, rather than paying less and getting an atrocious service.
All depends on my mood, if I want to have a great time, I will gladly pay more, but if I'm in a whatever mood, I usually go for a cheaper hookup. Obviously, the latter option comes with a poorer experience, but you can save some money while still nutting.
Seeing what effect lowered prices had on Funpalast makes me cringe a little bit. I loved going to FP, but since they have their new clientele, I avoid it like fire.
Sucks to see people complaining about CHEAPER prices now (no wordplay included!)! On another thread, they were cursing the shit out of the economy because a general price inflation made them crap their pants... And now it seems that Funpalast's sale is going down the dumpster, since scumbags and lowlifes are allowed and embraced as for the price spectrum... dam people never happy. if you want to nut just nut in a hoe and be gone thot!!
Well, I don't know about you, but I do care about the kinds of services I'm receiving when I'm with a girl. And the crowd I'm sharing the FKK with. If the girl asks a ridiculously low price, the service level is going to be crap too. Of course, if you have the "if you want to nut just nut in a hoe and be gone" mentality, I can't blame you for not caring.
I usually want it to be an exclusive experience when I go out to an FKK. I think it is not very exclusive if the prices drop and suddenly everyone starts going there. Cheap sex is treated in a cheap way by many guys and I'm a gentleman so it irritates me.
For me it is good to have cheap and more expensive brothels as well. I go to the cheap places when Im drunk and couldnt bring a girl home after party. And when Im drunk I dont care how the girl behaves. As long as I can have my half hour in the positions I want then Im satisfied
I agree that its good that there are cheap and expensive places alike. There are night when I just don't want to spend 100+ euros on a girl, that's when I go to one of these cheaper places. I usually have a fast (not the best, but tolerable) sex sessions for a low price, and I'm totally fine with that.

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