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Christy from Laufhaus Wien Mitte - Zollgasse 3
A fellow punter recently shared his experience with Christy from Laufhaus Wien Mitte (Zollgasse) on the local erotic forum and I thought you guys should know about it. Here's my rough translation of the post:

Quote:"I was with Christy on Thursday in Zollgasse. The first impression of the girl was good and she was likeable, even though the pictures online have little in common with her real looks. She's at least 35. I booked half an hour and said that I want 69 and sex. As soon as I handed over the cash, all chemistry was gone. "Shit!", I thought to myself - "too late to cancel and get out of here." And that's when she started to be in a hurry. I undressed, laid down on the bed, applied the condom and she started to blow me. She put her butt on my face as I requested, but when I wanted to lick her (as agreed), she pulled her butt away. After the second attempt to lick her, she ends this position and sits on my dick. She started to dictate the pace and by changing the pace and shifting her weight, she prevented me from finding the right spot and rhythm. 2 minutes in, I realize that I'm not even inside of her and I was rubbing against her leg or something, so I ask to change position to doggy style. She agreed, but made no secret of her disapproval. In this position, she grabbed my dick firmly, maybe in order to boycott my erection, which she failed at. She then twisted her back in a way that I couldn't really penetrate her from behind. I wasn't able to bang her properly and this went on for like 3 more minutes, after which she pulled her butt away and started berating and lecturing me that guys who jerk off at home often fail to cum. This was an outrageous thing to say, especially after her performance and behaviour thus far. She is the kind of woman for whom men are just ATM machines who better pay for 30 minutes of sex, and if you they don't finish in 5 minutes while being bullied, she calls them perverted jerk-offs. After this, she jerked me off with the rubber still on and in 45 seconds or so I came into the condom. I quickly removed the condom and got the hell out of there.

In my opinion, this woman has been doing this for a long time. Professionals like her think how can they make the most money and feel very smart when they get 80 euros for 5 minutes of humiliation. It almost feels like those kind of sexworkers deliberately pick very sober and sterile Laufhaus environments in which they can scam guys and get away with it."

Here's Christy's page on the Laufhaus Wien Mitte site:

Here's another discussion about Laufhaus Wien Mitte on the Sex-Vienna forum:

BTW, I haven't added the link to the original post because I'm not sure about the regulations regarding linking other forums on the Sex-Vienna forum. But those who are interested can surely find it.
Thanks for sharing this, I feel bad for the guy who originally wrote the report. I feel like we need more reviews like this. The more people know about what girls like Christy do, the better. Maybe she will think twice about scamming her customers when we start ignoring her.

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