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Budapest l Strip Clubs and Escorts
Hi all. Can anyone tell me about some reputable strip clubs and escort agencies in the city of Budapest? Thanks!
Hey there. These are my favorites:

Dolce Vita • Október 6 u 5 • 00-36-1-266 4049

Hallo Bar • Kiraly Utka 65 • +36 1 322 4621
Royal Palace • h-1122 Budapest, Gyõri u.16 • +361/3568670

Vogue Lokal • Teréz körút 41 • 269-5009

4 Play • Jozef Krt 60 • 36 30 349 9103

Wow, thanks man! You got a lot of favorites :’D
Yeah. I swim in pussy whenever I can ?
What's the price of having a stripper come to your apartment or your party?
Well, I can tell you that it isn't cheap. When I asked for one to come, it was more than 100 euros for an hour. The stripper's service costs 25 000 huf ($100) per hour and you also have to pay her taxi which is about 5000 huf or more. The taxi has to be parked outside of your apartment during the girl's show. But I think it's worth it. She'll give you guys an hour that you'll remember for some time.
I forgotto mention Carpe Diem Club in the list. It's located in Budapest V district, Váci Utca 32. (Tel.: +36 1 267 0228). It isn't a strip club you would want to go to. Once you sit down for a drink, some girls will come to you, maybe just for a bit of chit chat. Before you leave, you'll be shocked by the bill they leave you with. Both the ladies and the drinks are incredibly expensive and you'll get them to your table without even asking you about it first. Fucking scumbags.
Yeah. Carpe Diem Club is just a tourist trap.They'll just rob you of your money for nothing. It's crazy that places like this are still allowed to run in the EU. It is just one of the shithole clubs of Budapest.
I'm really sorry to hear you got scammed in Budapest. There are a lot of honest strip clubs in the city still. Pl Club P2 is quite inexpensive and it's a place that I haven't heard anyone getting scammed. They even give you a warm meal between 6 pm and 12 pm, so it's really fair.
Inviting strippers for your birthday party, then climbing them into your cake is a thing? I always thought that was something only seen on TV! Although it seems reasonable comparing it to the notorious Carpe Diem Club! Praise the guys for sharing this valuable info, be careful around certain clubs in Budapest, 'cause you'll never know what you'll stumble onto. Along with that, isn't prostitution in Budapest illegal, you know, by law?

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