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Beware of Andreea in Barichgasse 1030, Wien
This article introduces yet another scamming girl in Vienna. There are too many of them and avoiding these sexworkers is of crucial importance. You can read more about Susi, the girl in question, as well as about what she did to her victim through this post:

In order to avert similar situations everybody should beware of booking private escorts that advertise through the internet. You can lose a lot in one of these encounters.
Of course, visiting a prostitute in Vienna Is not always a pleasant experience. You can run into the exact opposite if you are not informed enough about the various places and girls that are available in the Vienna sex scene. Andreea is a perfect example of that and it’s not only because of the bad service that she offers.

Read more about her by clicking the link below:
Andreaa is still available on Kontaktbazar but her name is now Ruby:
bangman, and Iana is now called Anna Smile Changing of name is not rare among sex workers.
I agree!
I have to admit that it’s a clever way to rob someone. That girl must have done it multiple times before the mentioned incident
wow that could have been much worse for sure. I would rather pay 150-200 EUR for a girl with at least a few legit positive reviews online than to be a cheapo and go for the 60 EUR price which is a laughable amount by the way. don’t expect to get a good service anywhere for that price

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